Jan 30, 2012

Legend of Sam Fuld

The 2011 season started out with one disappointment after another for the Rays. Between starting the season 0-6 and losing both Longo & Manny Ramirez early, the season was starting to look pretty hopeless. The Rays did receive the spark they needed to go on one of the most historic runs to the playoffs in MLB history, but it all started in one of the most unlikely places.

With timely hitting and highlight reel catches, Sam Fuld was quite the phenomenon during the 2011 season and a huge part of the teams success. Was his success sustainable at that level? No. Will he ever be a MLB superstar? Probably not, but Sam Fuld's heart, fight and disregard for his own safety was exactly what the team needed at that time and we will forever love him for that.

Haven't filled your #LegendofSamFuld fix yet? A search for "Sam Fuld Defense" on the MLB.com video page will put many more diving catches at your fingertips.

Enjoy more Rally Time Moments.

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