Jan 31, 2013

Send a Rays Fan to the MLB Fan Cave!

It's that time of year and we have a chance to send a REAL Tampa Bay Rays fan to the MLB Fan Cave in New York City. If you remember last year, the only "Rays fan" that we had to choose from was also a fan of the New York Yankees. I know what you're thinking, and it really isn't possible.

Our Rays representative for the 2013 season is Stephanie Katz (@SkittyKatz) from Lakeland, FL. She is a true Rays die-hard and is also a co-founder of the Rodney's Archery Club (@RACRays). If she makes it to the Fan Cave, she will be one of 9 fans that will "live" in the cave and attempt to watch every game of the 2013 MLB season. The cave dwellers will chronicle their experiences for all to see and compete in challenges until there is only one fan left.

Please follow our lead by voting for Stephanie to represent us in the MLB Fan Cave. There is no limit to how many times you can vote, so vote now & vote often! It's time to to get our fan base into the positive national spotlight!

Vote Here! (If you refresh the page, you can vote multiple times pretty quickly.)

Follow the voting progress with Twitter Hashtag #VoteSkitty.

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