Feb 14, 2014

Jose Lobaton ALDS Game 3 Walk-off HR

Since Jose Lobaton was traded away to the Washington Nationals today, I wanted to look back on his biggest moment of his career with the Rays. Although we ended up losing the series, Jose Lobaton hit a dramatic walk-off home run to win Game 3 of the ALDS. His homer landed in the Rays Tank, making him the first Rays player to hit a long ball into that part of the park. Luis Gonzalez (Dodgers) & Miguel Cabrera (Tigers) were the only other players to also hit a ball into the tank.

I want to wish Jose Lobaton the best with the Nationals and I hope he finally gets a big Ice Cream endorsement deal!

PS - I love that this video uses Dave Wills' radio call of the play! "Splashdown! It's ice cream time!

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