A new year, a new Tampa Bay Rays schedule. Check back often to see when your Rays will be playing at Tropicana Field during this 2014 season. All home games are in BOLD. Select games are also a part of the Rays Summer Concert Series or Gameday Giveaways.

31-MarBlue Jays4:10 PM
1-AprBlue Jays7:10 PM
2-AprBlue Jays7:10 PM
3-AprBlue Jays7:10 PM
4-AprRangers7:10 PM
5-AprRangers7:10 PM
6-AprRangers1:40 PM
7-Apr@ Royals8:10 PM
8-Apr@ Royals8:10 PM
9-Apr@ Royals2:10 PM
11-Apr@ Reds7:10 PM
12-Apr@ Reds1:10 PM
13-Apr@ Reds1:10 PM
14-Apr@ Orioles7:05 PM
15-Apr@ Orioles7:05 PM
16-Apr@ Orioles12:35 PM
17-AprYankees7:10 PM
18-AprYankees7:10 PM
19-AprYankees7:10 PM
20-AprYankees1:40 PM
22-AprTwins7:10 PM
23-AprTwins7:10 PM
24-AprTwins1:10 PM
25-Apr@ White Sox8:10 PM
26-Apr@ White Sox7:10 PM
27-Apr@ White Sox2:10 PM
28-Apr@ White Sox8:10 PM
29-Apr@ Red Sox7:10 PM
30-Apr@ Red Sox7:10 PM
1-May@ Red Sox7:10 PM
2-May@ Yankees7:05 PM
3-May@ Yankees1:05 PM
4-May@ Yankees1:05 PM
6-MayOrioles7:10 PM
7-MayOrioles7:10 PM
8-MayOrioles7:10 PM
9-MayIndians7:10 PM
10-MayIndians7:10 PM
11-MayIndians1:40 PM
12-May@ Mariners10:10 PM
13-May@ Mariners10:10 PM
14-May@ Mariners3:40 PM
15-May@ Angels10:05 PM
16-May@ Angels10:05 PM
17-May@ Angels9:05 PM
18-May@ Angels3:35 PM
20-MayAthletics7:10 PM
21-MayAthletics7:10 PM
22-MayAthletics4:10 PM
23-MayRed Sox7:10 PM
24-MayRed Sox4:10 PM
25-MayRed Sox1:40 PM
26-May@ Blue Jays7:07 PM
27-May@ Blue Jays7:07 PM
28-May@ Blue Jays7:07 PM
30-May@ Red Sox7:10 PM
31-May@ Red Sox7:15 PM
1-Jun@ Red Sox1:35 PM
2-Jun@ Marlins7:10 PM
3-Jun@ Marlins7:10 PM
4-JunMarlins7:10 PM
5-JunMarlins4:10 PM
6-JunMariners7:10 PM
7-JunMariners4:10 PM
8-JunMariners1:40 PM
9-JunMariners1:10 PM
10-JunCardinals7:10 PM
11-JunCardinals7:10 PM
13-Jun@ Astros8:10 PM
14-Jun@ Astros4:10 PM
15-Jun@ Astros2:10 PM
16-JunOrioles7:10 PM
17-JunOrioles7:10 PM
18-JunOrioles1:10 PM
19-JunAstros7:10 PM
20-JunAstros7:10 PM
21-JunAstros4:10 PM
22-JunAstros1:40 PM
23-JunPirates7:10 PM
24-JunPirates7:10 PM
25-JunPirates12:10 PM
27-Jun@ Orioles7:05 PM
28-Jun@ Orioles4:05 PM
29-Jun@ Orioles1:35 PM
30-Jun@ Yankees7:05 PM
1-Jul@ Yankees7:05 PM
2-Jul@ Yankees1:05 PM
3-Jul@ Tigers7:08 PM
4-Jul@ Tigers7:08 PM
5-Jul@ Tigers4:08 PM
6-Jul@ Tigers1:08 PM
7-JulRoyals7:10 PM
8-JulRoyals7:10 PM
9-JulRoyals7:10 PM
11-JulBlue Jays7:10 PM
12-JulBlue Jays4:10 PM
13-JulBlue Jays1:40 PM
18-Jul@ Twins8:10 PM
19-Jul@ Twins7:10 PM
20-Jul@ Twins2:10 PM
22-Jul@ Cardinals8:15 PM
23-Jul@ Cardinals7:15 PM
25-JulRed Sox7:10 PM
26-JulRed Sox7:10 PM
27-JulRed Sox1:40 PM
28-JulBrewers7:10 PM
29-JulBrewers7:10 PM
30-JulBrewers12:10 PM
1-AugAngels7:10 PM
2-AugAngels7:10 PM
3-AugAngels1:40 PM
4-Aug@ Athletics10:05 PM
5-Aug@ Athletics10:05 PM
6-Aug@ Athletics3:35 PM
8-Aug@ Cubs4:05 PM
9-Aug@ Cubs4:05 PM
10-Aug@ Cubs2:20 PM
11-Aug@ Rangers8:05 PM
12-Aug@ Rangers8:05 PM
13-Aug@ Rangers8:05 PM
14-Aug@ Rangers8:05 PM
15-AugYankees7:10 PM
16-AugYankees4:10 PM
17-AugYankees1:40 PM
19-AugTigers7:10 PM
20-AugTigers7:10 PM
21-AugTigers1:10 PM
22-Aug@ Blue Jays7:07 PM
23-Aug@ Blue Jays1:07 PM
24-Aug@ Blue Jays1:07 PM
25-Aug@ Orioles7:05 PM
26-Aug@ Orioles7:05 PM
27-Aug@ Orioles7:05 PM
28-Aug@ Orioles7:05 PM
29-AugRed Sox7:10 PM
30-AugRed Sox7:10 PM
31-AugRed Sox1:40 PM
1-SepRed Sox1:10 PM
2-SepBlue Jays7:10 PM
3-SepBlue Jays7:10 PM
4-SepBlue Jays7:10 PM
5-SepOrioles7:10 PM
6-SepOrioles1:10 PM
7-SepOrioles1:40 PM
9-Sep@ Yankees7:05 PM
10-Sep@ Yankees7:05 PM
11-Sep@ Yankees7:05 PM
12-Sep@ Blue Jays7:07 PM
13-Sep@ Blue Jays1:07 PM
14-Sep@ Blue Jays1:07 PM
15-SepYankees7:10 PM
16-SepYankees7:10 PM
17-SepYankees7:10 PM
19-SepWhite Sox7:10 PM
20-SepWhite Sox7:10 PM
21-SepWhite Sox1:40 PM
23-Sep@ Red Sox7:10 PM
24-Sep@ Red Sox7:10 PM
25-Sep@ Red Sox7:10 PM
26-Sep@ Indians7:05 PM
27-Sep@ Indians6:05 PM
28-Sep@ Indians1:05 PM
* 2014 Rays Gameday Giveaway 
** 2014 Rays Concert Series 
NOTE: All game times are subject to change.